Dean Sakamoto's Office
What We Do
Dean Sakamoto Architects LLC (DSA) was founded in 1999 to provide high-quality architectural design for clients in the Northeast U.S. and Pacific Region. With a special focus on sustainability, resilience, and specificity. DSA’s experience includes designs for institutional, residential, urban and transportation projects in temperate and tropical environments. Whether designing large structures, civic projects, intimate residences, retail spaces, or scholarly exhibitions relating to architectural history and cutting-edge design practices, DSA’s expertise and hands-on approach reflect a design philosophy based on the wisdom of simplicity.
How We Work
Creative architecture is not determined by the genius of one, but through a collaborative process of discussion, analysis, and visualization. Throughout the design process, we work hard to investigate and expand upon our clients’ ideas. We strive for design excellence in each project and view constraints as opportunities for invention. Our working methods are relationship based. We seek to build long-term relationships with people and places over time and remain committed to our projects beyond the completion of construction. We strive not only to achieve the jointly defined goals amongst clients and builders, but to enrich the lives of those who even by chance encounter our designs.
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