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About us

Dean Sakamoto Architects LLC (DSA) was founded over 20 years ago in New Haven, Connecticut to provide high-quality architectural design and physical planning for projects in the northeastern U.S. and the Hawaiian Islands. With a special focus on fine design, sustainability, resilience, civic engagement, and collaborative personal service rather than a particular building type, DSA’s work includes designs for institutional, residential, urban spaces, and transportation projects in temperate and tropical climates. We do not subscribe to a particular style of architecture, but seek to express a sensibility which is appropriate to the cultural and physical contexts of the project site. Whether designing civic buildings, intimate residences, restaurants, or museum exhibitions, DSA’s expertise and hands-on approach reflect a philosophy which prioritizes site-specificity, elegance and simplicity. We believe that good design cannot be assumed, but must be discovered through a collaborative effort which unfolds over time, through construction, and inhabitation.

Our Team.

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