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Boathouse at Canal Dock Opens!

Over 20 years in the making, the Boathouse at Canal Dock, is a one-of-a kind public complex which reconnects the City of New Haven to its historic waterfront. This new $37m, 30,000 square foot building placed on an elevated public plaza houses a community rowing facility and docks, event spaces, marine biology research lab, and historical interpretive displays. A grand ribbon-cutting ceremony and reception was opened by New Haven Mayor Tony Harp (pictured above, right side, with Dean Sakamoto). Commissioned by the New Haven City Plan office, DSA worked under contract with Langan Engineering and in collaboration with WRT of Philadelphia and Greg Wies Gardner Architects of New Haven. Since 2009, DSA was responsible for conceiving and developing the historic mitigation component of this project. DSA's strategy was realized through interpretive design elements which includes site signage, a 21 panel timeline of New Haven Harbor's history, and a permanent, museum quality exhibition titled The Adee Memorial Boathouse and the Boathouse at Canal Dock which tells the story of how this new 21st century waterfront development replaces the razed former Yale boathouse from 1911 in order to make way for the I-95 bridge widening project. This project was funded primarily by the Federal Highways Administration and the Connecticut State Department of Transportation.

DSA is extremely proud to be associated with this landmark project and would like to acknowledge its team members who contributed to its content and design (2009-2018):

Angie Hurlbut, Monica Perez del Rio, Jim Reilly, Anne Sommer, Betsy Fox, Connie Kwan, Colin Caplan, Natalina Lopez, Chris Mackey, Lance Hirai, Jieun Cha, Geoffrey Lawson, David Marcoux, Benjamin Breton, Diana Sheil, and Lei Naomi Sakamoto.

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